Fish from Bali come at an excellent price/qualtity ratio. This means your fish will be optimally packed and purchase prices are low.
  Biemans Breda Import is agent for Singapores main exporter. We guarantee you the finest quality fish. These are selected with great care, so you can count on the right size and colour.
Our Portugese supplier specializes in tank bred invertebrates. These include cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, boxer shrimp, ... They also offer a nice range of seaslugs and fish.
  We import from the biggest export company in Kenya. Choosing for our Kenya firm is choosing for the biggest assortment and the best partner.
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From Miami we get fish of superior quality. There's also the possibility to import various species of corals. Especially leather gorgones come to mind.
Try our live rock from Indonesia.
It's beautifully shaped and comes at a very interesting price.
  Do you want beautiful, colourful corals, then Indonesia is the place to be. We offer you a range of cultivated as well as ecologically harvested corals.